Gravel Route

Stage 2

Sant Jaume dels Domenys - Torrelles de Foix

This second section leads us to follow, without entering it, the mountainous part of the NW of the Penedès, therefore, it is a section that mainly goes up. We leave Sant Jaume dels Domenys and take a short detour along the road and paved road between vineyards to quench the landscape, heritage and social anxieties of the route. From here we look up, first along a small stretch of road and then along good tracks and paved rural roads until we reach the church of Sant Sadurní de la Marca, under the protection of Castellot, from where it overlooks the whole plain. Here begins a long stretch of asphalt that will take us to Vilobí. In between, a beautiful church in a privileged place that still retains the Latin name: Sant Pere ad Víncula. In Vilobí we have to entertain ourselves with the pelagics of the Parc dels Talls, a brilliant result of the human intervention mixed with the meteorological and natural conditions.

From here towards the end of the section, we will alternate parts of asphalt with roads in good condition. From Sant Martí Sa Roca, which stands out for the Monumental Complex of Sarroca above the village, we will follow the Pontons stream more or less until we reach Torrelles de Foix, the highest point of the whole route (367 m).

Total route

34,2 km

Positive slope

607 m

Negative slope

437 m

% asphalt


% track


% trail