In the Penedès,
it would be unforgivable
not to look up

Please take your time!

It might just be that what you like most about cycling in the Penedès is everything you can see around you.

Good company, a great breakfast or lunch, the delightful places you discover or simply the thousands of years of history hidden behind the paths you cycle. Everything that surrounds the route is what makes it memorable! That's why we want the time you spend with us to be (also) a complete 360° experience!

Discovering the characteristic features of the Penedès by bike is an experience that will take you to the sea, through vineyards and up mountains. But one thing is guaranteed: if you come to the Penedès, you're going to eat and drink well. It's a land of wine and cava and the local wineries open their doors to visitors with wine-related experiences for all tastes and pockets.
Mapa Penedès

Experience the Penedès in 360°
365 days a year!

Whenever you come, there'll be something to do and places to see! We have a wide range of proposals for you to discover the cultural heritage, local festivals, landscapes and paths of the Penedès, and of course the best gastronomy and the most authentic wineries to learn more about the fascinating world of wine.

You can rely on us

The Penedès is small but brimming with history and experiences.

Its wonderful wine and food, nature and vineyards, entertainment, sports, local markets and festivals but especially its people are what make this region great and authentic. And it's right here, where we rarely look, where you can find the true Penedès. These are real people, the ones who, every day, look after the land so you can enjoy it. Now's the time to get to know them so you can keep an eye out for them when you visit.

Because it would be unforgivable not to have seen them.