Familia Torres

Pacs del Penedès

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The name Torres has been associated with fine wine since the family planted their first vineyards in Penedès more than three centuries ago. From the very beginning, when the company was founded in 1870, Familia Torres has been true to its roots and has received worldwide recognition for its wines.

The winery just a stone’s throw away from Barcelona and surrounded by vineyards, is a unique venue for the perfect wine and gastronomy experience. Exclusive tours, wine tastings and pairings that can all be topped off with a delicious meal at our new restaurant Jardí Restaurant El Celleret. This elegant and cosy space entices you to discover the variety and diversity of the Mediterranean cuisine while resting your eyes on the emblematic Mas La Plana vineyard opening up to the majestic Montserrat Mountain in the horizon.

We invite you to become part of the history of this 150-year old winery and enjoy all these, and many more, experiences.

We work following the BIOSPHERE certification requirements in order to guarantee an economic, socio-cultural and environmental equilibrium and to advance sustainability.