Ferrer i Catasus

La Granada

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We think "The best wine is what you like" because we believe in the creative and free expression of each person, we want current pairing recommendations, traditional valuation criteria or wine-making rules. do not limit the possibility of bringing our world to new places, new horizons.


We open the terrace and offer a bar service so you can come for a drink and a snack. Upcoming activities:

Saturday, June 15 at 12:00 - Country Open Class, hosted by Silver Bulls.
Saturday, June 22 at 12:00 - Swing ball, by Swing Vilafranca.
Saturday, July 6 at 11:00 - Workshop "Make your own wine", activity subject to prior reservation.
V'INSPIRATS - Wine Tourism

The aesthetics of Ferré I Catasús' products have always been a benchmark for modernity, daring, provocation and art. We like to go out of the ordinary, be innovative and value creativity, this is the spirit of Ferré I Catasús.
That is why we want to take a step forward in what we know as wine tourism. We present V'inspired: Live, Emotion yourself and Smile.

We want to make you live experiences where you are the protagonist. We want to show you the world of wine through art and culture, through inspirational moments, moments of emotion, moments together with people who count.

Visit Inspired: Discover our history and the way we work. The contact with the land and the long wine tradition of the Penedès. Discover the vineyard and its work throughout the year. Enter our cellar and take a look at where the grapes are in the vintage season. Ask all the questions you want and end the visit with a tasting of our products!

Winemaker for a day - discover the art of blend! Visit the winery and become a winemaker for a day, trying different proportions and percentages to get the ideal result!