Tourist attraction - Nature

Miravinya La Cadira

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A giant chair sits on top of the small hill of Malgranada (Torrelavit), an ideal 360º vantage point for contemplating nature. The chair invites you to stop and look, to sit and listen, in a privileged landscape. If you visit it you will discover the basic traits of the Penedès landscape.

Sit and contemplate the surrounding nature, a landscape dominated by vineyards in the foothills but also by Mediterranean forests of pine trees and holm oak, with patches of carob, almond and olive trees that line the margins, making the most of the land and protecting the terraces with their roots.

Before you is a landscape that is forever changing colour and one that also changes its smell: rosemary and thyme, lavender and winter heather; if you take a look at the edges of the fields you'll find agave and broom and in the shaded areas you will discover the intense aroma of fennel. The Penedès is so strongly considered a dry region that water passes by almost unnoticed. Even so, rivers have been decisive in the shaping of its landscape.