Sant Sadurní d'Anoia

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We learn from time…we build on a history

We are a family of winegrowers specialized in the elaboration of vintage Brut Nature (without added sugar). Our commitment to represent the landscape of the Corpinnat area in each of our bottles leads us to work exclusively with our own vineyards and historical varieties of the territory. We practice dry farming viticulture by applying the principles of Biodynamic agriculture, a step beyond ecology.

The subtility of the long ageing. As a sentinel of a patient and silent wait, Recaredo bottles remain in the darkness of the wine-cellar for a minimum of 30 months until they reach a unique personality. In case of family wine-cellar, some of our sparkling wines are aged for almost 30 years, preserving the delicacy of time and an elegant complexity of bouquets.

"There is a sense of energy and harmony in their wines that is impressive; they are all highly recommended". Robert Parker's The Wine Advocate